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Customer Comments

My experience with the door canopy was great! The instructions were easy to understand, the holes all lined up, the pieces were all there, the canopy was light enough to lift and set into its final place. I am a 58 year old woman and was installing it on the porch for my 90 year old aunt. I am very handy with tools, but walking up a ladder and lifting the canopy was my biggest fear - all for nothing, it was easy.

My aunt lives on the east coast and has been dealing with a lot of snow, and the canopy is extremely sturdy. I also called the company with questions two different times before I ordered to make sure I would have the right tools with me, and I was able to speak with a real person immediately and both times they were very knowledgeable about their products. I also needed the canopy to arrive by a particular date, since I was flying coast to coast to install the canopy and it arrived with time to spare. sum up: quality product, great customer service, the product was exactly as described and made to my exact specs: Always Buy American Made!!!

V.F., New York

I want to express my gratitude and pleasure with the 2500 series awning and side wings kit... This was absolutely the finest quality kit of any kind I have ever purchased and assembled... Every piece fit perfectly and every hole lined up exactly as it should... My compliments to you... It was fun to assemble and easy to install, and it looks great... Thanks again

J.B., Oregon

We were thrilled with the fact that we were able to order our new awnings to the exact custom size that we wanted. I love how the color selection allowed us to choose a color that would go well with the custom paint job on our house. The awnings held up well over the winter with heavy rains and snow. The gutter feature works very well on the far edge of the awning.

All in all we are very pleased with the materials in the awning. They have held up well so far and look very sharp on our home. Thank you again for the great product and service.

C.M., Utah

I received excellent service from General Awnings. The customer representative was extremely helpful. It only took about a week from the time it was ordered until it arrived at my home. The contractors had it installed in about an hour. Everyone comments on how attractive it is. Thanks very much - I would not hesitate to recommend General Awnings to anyone, and will certainly return when I decide to add some more.

L.K., Iowa

I purchased the 2500W Series Door Canopy to install at my lake cabin. I have a barn red metal roof on the cabin and the barn red and beige awning matches the color perfectly. I installed the awning myself quite easily. The awning parts fit perfectly and I was able to get it ready to install above the door in 30 minutes or so. The part that attaches to the wood went up first and the awning easily slid into the slot.

The 2500W Series replaced a cloth awning that became discolored and just didn't do the job. The metal awning is made of high quality metal and aluminum and I expect it to last a long time and to look good. I am very pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend the awning to others.

D.A., Kentucky

We love the awning. It is attractive and functional. The only problem we had when we installed it was that the front of the house was not exactly flat. We had to us a few stainless washers behind one of the screws to adjust it to keep everything plumb.

B.B., Connecticut

I thought the product was fairly easy to put together and it was simple to install. We had it up in under an hour. We did wish that it was a bit "deeper" but it is true to its measurements so that is a personal observation.

I did appreciate that it is very lightweight as the awning we were replacing was much heavier and hence difficult to handle especially for one person balancing on a ladder. Overall, I would say that we are pleased with the awning and we have no complaints.

J.C., New York

I found the awning project to be a relatively easy DIY project. The instructions were clear, and the parts fit together well; not perfectly, but well enough that the final result is straight and strong. I was very impressed with the quality of the material and the strength of the finished installation, given its very light weight. It's been in place for several months and works perfectly (once I figured out the drainage details). A good product and a good experience.

T.B., Vermont

I was very pleased with my purchase of an awning from General Awnings. I originally went to a large box store and spent significant time just finding an associate to wait on me and they did not know the awning products or seem to have any experience ordering that type of product.

At General Awnings I was able to locate what I needed quickly (size, color, extras i.e. side bars). I called your company and got right through to an associate that said the item was not in stock, but still gave me a firm date for delivery. The product was delivered right on time and everything was correct and packaged well.

Awnings are not that complex so assembly and installation was very easy. I had winds of 50 mph since I installed it and just one snow storm of 6" and it was fine. The product is well built and I plan to order more products from your company. Overall my experience was excellent.

J.R., Pennsylvania

The 2500W series Door Canopy is a perfect solution for my front door which faces west. My house is on a corner which catches the harsh, dry winds of western Colorado and this canopy is durable, attractive, has sides with air flow that will be protection for years. It comes in many colors but I chose to match my house color and it looks great!

J.F., Colorado

My elderly folks bought a house in 1954, and long expressed dismay at getting soaking wet getting in either of their front doors. Your products fit the bill, and I ordered one 6 foot and one 7 foot. The quality and attention to detail was critical, and it went together like a dream. My old Step Father never stops by without expressing appreciation. We waited on wind and rain storms to see how it would all fare, and it passed with not so much as a creaking noise, which would indicate future trouble. Don't be surprised if I get requests to do more.

J.J., Washington

The Awning was very easy to install, the instructions were straight forward and easy to understand. I did it with the help of a friend in just a few hours. It has made it through a few showers and is doing what I hoped for, protecting the door.

M.N., California

We installed the awning last Fall. The installation wasn't that difficult, it was a little challenging to put all the pieces together, but we eventually got it.

The only real issue we have is on the front where you have the drip edge, it has nowhere to run, so it drips off over the left and right edge, which happens to land on our patio and with the winter climate anything that dripped off that edge froze and created a big ice problem right where that water dripped off and pooled up. Otherwise, we like the quality and are happy with the product.

J.K., Minnesota

I had the contractor that built my cabin, install the awnings. He cut a double beveled strip that fit within the hollows of the logs to provide a solid foundation for the awning. He put in a total of 6 anchor screws which gave the awning an extremely solid fit. I experienced winds in excess of 35 mph one week after the installation with zero problems.

Thanks for a top quality product with easy installation.

J.M., Virginia

The 2500W Series Door Canopy was really easy to assemble, I put it up a week before Hurricane Sandy arrived, I thought the canopy be a goner, because I live right by the water and it was blowing 100+ mph. A few trees came down, but the canopy was still up. I'll give your product 5 Stars! ( Hurricane STRONG :)

W.N., New York

I had reservations about purchasing this awning because the appearance was much different than the one I was replacing - the old one has a much steeper incline than the new. I received the awning from you in a timely manner and was able to install it all by myself the following day.

The components are light and easy to work with; though fitting the louvers into the track on each side was a little challenging, it was not a major distraction. After installing the mounting bracket on the wall above the door, I easily lifted the awning, climbed the ladder with it, and fit it into place in an instant - no struggling to get it into the track. I am very satisfied with the installation, appearance and function of this awning, though I am somewhat concerned about how it will hold up to the heavy snow we get here in the Northeast during the winter.

P.T., New York

I really like the awning and it went together fairly easily. The directions were a bit confusing at first because some of the items were completed at the factory before shipping. Thought the price was great and it is nearly exactly what I was looking for. The only downside was that I got the striped colors and the door canopy is too high to see them and they are only on the top and not on the inside. Had I known the colored pieces would only show from above, I would have opted for a single color. Overall, I am pleased with the awning and would purchase from General Awnings again.

J.M., Virginia

With regards to my purchase of a 2500W Series Door Canopy, I got exactly what I thought I would get. No surprises. And in this business, that's a compliment. There were no problems with delivery and the installation was simple. The price was right in line with the customers expectations. I have no qualms about using or recommending your company.

D.P., New Jersey

I bought the awning for my father's basement door. He thought it was great. Good quality product and easy to install. He and I have been in the contracting business for many years, so we know a good thing when we see and work with it. Thanks a lot.

P.S., New York

So far I am very pleased with the awning. I wish I had it years ago. But! I am concerned about the snow load this coming winter. I live at 2400 feet elevation and get lots of snow and wind. So we will see. I hope it is ok.

P.M., New York

What I would like to say about the 2500W Series Door Canopy: I received it quickly. Very easy to follow instructions. The door canopy went together easily and everything lined up perfect! The light weight unit when completely installed became rigid and strong. The paint and colors are very nice. It has made my door look great! Door is shaded from the sun and turns the rain off and away from the door and threshold! Great product and should last a long time! Great price!

P.A., Texas

The 2500W Door Canopy is a great product. Within hours, after it was installed I received the first compliment. The design is different from all the other canopies on my block. I have not seen any like it in my entire neighborhood. It was easy to install and has stood up to Hurricane Sandy winds, snow and other bad weather.

B.E., New York

In regards to my awning that I purchased from your company, I am very pleased with this product. The quality is very good and the installation was very easy with the supplied instructions. It really looks nice on my home and it did exactly what I wanted it to do, keeping the rain off my side entry door area. We have had some strong winds and rain since I installed this awning and it held up just fine.

D.M., Michigan

We purchased the 2500W door canopy this summer. The product was delivered on the specific day they claimed. All parts were labeled properly and assembly was done and installed in one hour and a half. We are very satisfied, the color matched our window shutters perfectly.

We would gladly recommend this product to our friends. Thank you for making a great product made in America.

J.A., Indiana

2500W Series Door Canopy with Sidewings

Base price: $180.00

  • Sidewings for additional protection from the sun and elements.
  • Heavy extruded mill-finish framework.
  • Completely aluminum; will never rust.
  • Reinforced center mullions on all sizes.
  • Built-in front rain gutter.
  • Two-coat baked-on finish for lasting performance.
  • Available in many custom sizes and beautiful colors.
  • Ships with all hardware for a quick and easy installation.

How to select your 2500W Series door canopy

At least 2" of mounting space is required over door. More space is required above out-swinging doors.
Sidewings Drop Guide
Drop (Standard sidewings)12"13"15"16"18"20"21"
Drop (Low sidewings)10"11"12"12"13"13"14"
Projection and drop are approximate.
1) Choose width
  • Measure the width of your door, including casing. Add 3" or more on each side for proper appearance.
  • Please contact us if you need a more customized width. Custom widths of up to 180" are available in increments of 1".
2) Choose projection
  • If mounting over an out-swinging door, please make sure that you have enough space above the top of your door, so that the door can open all the way.
3) Choose sidewings style
  • Refer to the table above for the height ("Drop") of available sidewings.
  • Select Standard or Low sidewings.
4) Select the color and stripes that best complement your home. You may also choose a different color for the sidewings.
  • If no stripe color is chosen, your canopy will be in a solid color.
  • The underside of the canopy is always white for better light reflection.
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