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After shopping the big box stores for a new awning, we realized that we would have to go on line to find something that fit our specific needs. Locally, there was a very limited number of sizes and colors to choose from. General Awnings not only offered many size and color combinations, but their prices were the best we saw. Throw in the free shipping and it was a no-brainer.

Our awning came before the expected arrival date and it was undamaged, had easy-to-understand instructions and went up in less than an hour. We couldn't be happier with General Awnings, it's products and service.

C.H., Ohio

We have had the awnings for almost a year now and we are very pleased. They were easy to install. They were delivered to us in less time than we expected. Thank you for a good product. They have held up during heavy snow, wind and torrents of rain with not a bit of damage. I would recommend these to anyone. Thank you.

D.W., Oregon

My husband and I are both senior citizens, so we do have difficulty doing some things. But the awning was very easy to put up. We had no difficulty with it at all, and it stopped the rain from coming in around the door. We are very satisfied with our purchase of the awning. Thanks again.

R.J., West Virginia

The awning is great, but it is a little thinner than I expected. I should have used an assistant in attaching it to the house, but other than that it was very easy to install, perhaps an hour in total. When I heard what my neighbor paid for hers, more than ten times more, I was thrilled I had found your product on line. I would highly recommend this product to any home owner or do it yourselfer. It has already kept me from getting wet getting in and out of the car about ten times already so I figure it has paid for itself.

W.C., Virginia

The awning is working just fine. Its real job is to keep rain off the door and reduce the amount that collects around the floor area. It is doing that just fine. It has withstood several windy storms. I assembled the awning myself, so it is not really a tough job. Although I recommend two people to actually hang the awning in place. It solved my problem at a reasonable expense.

J.L., Texas

The quality of the awning was not as good as I expected it to be. I am concerned that it will blow down at the next windy storm.

B.E., Illinois

Was easy to assemble, easy to install. Not the greatest nor the worst. For the price it worked out fine.

T.G., California

A powerful thunderstorm struck the area with high winds and heavy rain several hours after my son and I installed the awning. Any misgivings I may have had about its integrity was quickly dispelled. It has been an asset to the basement entrance where it is located.

The pictures in the photocopied installation instructions were very poor. It took me two tries to assemble the panels to the side pieces correctly. A more detailed photo may have been helpful. I am well satisfied with my purchase.

R.S., Pennsylvania

The quality of the product was ok, but in all fairness I was looking for a low end model. Installation was easy enough but had a little difficulty keeping the sides onto the awning until I was able to get a screw in. Would be a bit nicer if the sides snapped in or locked in prior to screwing. Once mounted it seamed to be solid. Will let you know how it holds up for the winter.

A.L., Illinois

Everything arrived intact and I installed the awning today within 2 hours (first time). Great quality and nice machine work. Thank You.

C.A., Florida

I found your website while looking for an awning to go above a new door on my older mobile home. The door still seeped small amounts of moisture after caulking. I order an awning and received it in about a week. Shipping was free, a real bonus when you're on a tight budget.

The awning was easily assembled and my son installed in in a very short time. It has solved my moisture problem completely and has weathered many very windy and rainy days. I am completely satisfied with the experience and would recommend your company to anyone.

S.H., Washington

The awning I ordered was for my back porch. It came very quickly, in mint condition, and was installed easily and immediately by a local carpenter. I was very happy with this purchase and am hopeful of ordering a bigger awning for my front porch as soon as finances allows!

R.C., Massachusetts

Overall, I had a good experience with General Awnings. I purchased 3 awnings, and all worked great and were easy to assemble and mount. I thought the price was a little high for the awnings I purchased, but overall it was a good experience. I would recommend General Awnings to friends and family and would rate them 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

J.H., Georgia

I bought the awning to go over my swimming pool filter and pumps. I'm very satisfied with the quality of its construction and ease of assembly. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I had it assembled and mounted on a brick wall in less than an hour.

W.M., Florida

Got my awnings today. I am real pleased with the product. They look good and will serve the purpose I ordered them for. Shipping was very fast. I only got one put up today as I had to stop work for the weather ( high Wind & rain ). They were so easy to assemble. Thank you very much.

S.G., Georgia

4-Star Economy Awning / Door Canopy

Base price: $129.00

  • This unit can be used as a window awning or door canopy.
  • All-aluminum.
  • Will not peel, chip, crack or rust.
  • Elegant design.
  • Year-round protection from snow, sleet, rain and sun.
  • Economical and easy to install.

Color: White

How to select your 4-Star Economy awning/door canopy

Choose width and projection from home
  • The height is adjustable
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