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For 18 years, I would get rained on and wet whenever I came to work in bad weather. The water would pour off the roof onto me while fumbling with the door keys. Not any more! I thought General Awnings offered the most of everything in awnings. It even matched the color of our building! We love it and wished we had bought it a lot sooner.

T.N., Minnesota

The Series 2500A Door Canopies that I ordered were delivered very quickly and were extremely easy to install. My wife and I installed two identical awnings in about 5 hours total. And they look great. The canopies cover the entire 4' x 4' landing and will be a welcome addition during the winter rains.

D.B., Oregon

I like this awning......I had someone put it up right away and I don't believe they had any problems doing it. It's a bit more modern looking than a great many I've seen - it looks lighter and simpler. It protects my dogs from waiting in the rain to get back in and it protects me from stepping on ice right in front of my door. It has a nice shield to keep the water from running down the front.

Be careful and measure enough width and depth so that the wind does not defeat your purpose! It arrived within the time period given in a rolled up package. I recommend this to anyone who wants a more modern looking shelter over your door.......Thank you!

V.W., North Carolina

We love our awning. It serves our purpose well. However--it did take us a little while to figure how to connect everything but maybe it's because we are both 81 years old and the old fingers don't work like they used to. If we can do it anyone can.

M.B., California

First, let me say "I love this awning". It was a bit of a struggle to assemble as the instructions and diagrams were not very clear. I assembled and disassembled it several times over the course of about four hours before getting it right. Once it was done, the instructions began to make more sense, so I feel they were written for someone who had a little more experience in this area. I would definitely purchase another awning from you should need arise. The actual installation was quickly and easily done.

T.S., Texas

We were not sure how it would look but after we put it up over the deck double doors it simply finished off the look of the back of the house. It actually looked like it should have been there all the time. It completed and complemented the deck doors and roof. We are very pleased with our door canopy and would recommend one to anyone who needs one. It blocked some of the sky view and thus light from that room but we have well adjusted to that. The benefits highly outweigh any nonbenefit. Thanks for being there. We are very happy with our new awning!

P.V., Virginia

I found the Door Canopy awning that I ordered from General Awnings was exactly as advertised. It arrived in good condition, was of good quality, and easy to install above an exterior door. The ability to customize the style and both dimensions of the awning is a great feature.

I wanted this awning because in Florida all exterior doors open in. This leaves the doors vulnerable to being pushed open by the local black bears that live with those of us in the rural areas. I have installed steel security doors in front of the exterior doors to protect them. This works well except it requires you to unlock 2 sets of doors to enter the house. During the rainy season you will get wet in the process of getting both doors open. This awning provides the shelter needed for us while we are unlocking both doors.

Although most people won't have an animal problem, I would recommend this awning as added protection for exterior doors and for visitors who otherwise would have to stand in the rain while you respond to the door bell.

J.S., Florida

I bought a small over door awning as a replacement for a customer. I am a carpenter.

My experience on your website was actually very good. I compared your prices to one or two other websites and you were lower. But yours had no shipping fees on top of it. That was very good.

Your product worked fine and every bit the same quality as the old one was. Was easy to assemble. The awning was delivered on time. So in my opinion you did everything right.

P.G., Rhode Island

I needed a cover for my front porch and after having estimates from a carpenter I decided to go with an awning. After checking out the big box stores I looked online and found General Awnings. They had a larger selection of sizes and colors with a very responsible price plus free shipping. I was concerned about the quality but after receiving the product I was very pleased.

Took 2 of us to assemble and install in less than 2 hours and looks great. Was a little worried about the rain and winds but not anymore. Had some pretty heavy storms and no problems didn't even hear the rain hitting pounding on the roof. I am very pleased with the awning and am considering some for the windows. Thanks General Awnings for making such a nice and affordable product.

R.H., Oregon

I had looked into the local Lowe's and Home Depot when I first thought about getting an awning for my back porch. However I wanted to cover the entire porch and nothing the local stores carried even came close to what I needed. So I turned to online options and although I found several websites that carried awnings, General Awnings was one of the few that allowed me to customize. I was able to choose the color and size I desired. I found the time frame promised for construction and delivery to be very reasonable and they were met with no problems. My handyman was able to install the awning easily and I was very pleased with how it looked.

However it was when Hurricane Isaac passed through the Baton Rouge area recently that I got to see how well the awning stood up under pressure. We had 65-85mph winds and although there was a lot of noise and I wasn't sure if it would hold up or not, after the three days of high winds and rain were over the awning was still there and when my handyman came to inspect things a couple of days later, he told me that there was not even a loose screw that needed to be tightened. Overall I'm very pleased with my awning and would recommend General Awnings to anyone considering them.

P.J., Louisiana

The awning arrived quickly and the packaging was good. Assembly and installation instructions were adequate but could be improved for some DIY people.. The total time for assembly and installation was under one hour. Only one person was required but two would have made it easier. Tools needed: Drill Motor, Drill Bits, Screws, Screwdrivers, Wrenches and Caulking.

A.S., Louisiana

We have been very happy with both the service from General Awnings when we call and the quality and ease of installation of the canopy that we ordered. This is our third canopy (twice hit by delivery trucks in our drive-thru lane), so installation gets easier each time. :) We use the canopy directly over our drive-thru window so that on rainy or snowy days our customers don't regret stopping for their daily coffee. The canopy looks great and serves the exact purpose that we had hoped. We are very satisfied and would definitely order again.

S.J., Wisconsin

I thought I'd share my experience installing the 2500A Series Door Canopy. Installing the 2500A Series Door Canopy was quite easy. A little tricky getting the awning into the edge channels, but overall the installation went well. It took 2 of us about 2 hours from opening the box to complete installation. Not too bad despite the fact that the house was built in 1922, and the walls are rough stucco. Looks pretty nice if I do say so myself.

M.B., North Dakota

The awning was delivered in a timely fashion during the colder months. Was antsy about getting it ready for installation. Sounds goofy, but I assembled the awning on the dining room table in the inverted position padding out the table so as not to mar the finish.

Having worked in mechanical all of my career, I found that the assembly went very smoothly, instructions were very explicit and easy to follow. My grandson and a colleague of his installed it for me, went very smoothly, only sorry I didn't install one sooner. I would highly recommend this product as it is of first class quality.

A.P., Delaware

We received the order. FYI, It was very easy to assemble and install. It really looks good on this old house. Thank you for having such a nice selection to choose from and at a reasonable price.

G.E., Maryland

I found the 2500a awning to be very user friendly. It was the first one I have installed. It was packed well. The instructions were very good and I had no trouble installing it. I will not hesitate to recommend them to my clients in the future.

P.H., California

I recently purchased, received and installed a door awning from General Awnings. It took a little longer to arrive than I expected but was worth the wait. It was well made and looks great. It was exactly what we needed to protect a door that opened to the outside with no roof protection. Installation was easy even though the instructions were not as clear as they could be and the pictures were not helpful. I didn't know where to install the roof clips until I called the help line. I thought there weren't enough until the helpful fellow who answered my call said they were for the middle rib not the end frames!

Nevertheless I plan to order more as it looks great and is well made.

P.W., New York

I am completely satisfied with the new canopy. It covers areas left uncovered by the old one. The new canopy will protect the steps from ice and the outdoor lights from damage from ice coming off the roof.

J.E., Massachusetts

The product is simple to put together, easy to hang and is generally of high quality. The older awnings of this type on my property have had no issues other than some normal weathering due to age which is normal for baked enamel aluminum. All in all a good product and I would highly recommend them.

L.P., California

I must say that the awning I purchased for my home was so easy to assemble at such an affordable price! It looks great on my small home, and it's a great Do It Yourself project for a first time home buyer like myself. Thanks for the great product!

K.A., Louisiana

The 2500A came in the perfect color combination and size for an odd size door. It arrived at the time quoted and was packaged good enough to avoid shipping damage. Assembly following the instruction sheet went smoothly. The mounting system is very strong and works perfectly. We are very happy with our awning and will probably buy more in the future.

B.T., New Jersey

I am pleased with my purchase of the 2500A Series Door canopy. I live in a mobile home and my son installed the canopy in one day and it looks great. I am happy that I no longer have to stand in the rain while unlocking my front door and it looks great from the street. I believe it really adds to the entrance. It also provides some shade during the heat of the day and this is a definite plus as my front door faces the morning and mid-day sun.

I can say that I am satisfied with the canopy and would recommend this product to anyone that wishes to have cover over their door(s). The price was very reasonable as well, I had researched local stores, Sears, Home Depot, and Lowes and their prices were much higher for a similar product.

I would purchase another product from your company if the need should arise in the future. Your company provides a good product at a fair price. Thank you General Awnings!

S.M., North Carolina

I thought the product was great. It was exactly what I expected. It wasn't quite as easy as I thought it would be to assemble but I was able to do it without much effort. The awning is holding up very well and looks great. I'll be ordering again for some outside doors.

B.L., Texas

2500A Series Door Canopy with Support Arms

Base price: $143.00

  • Heavy extruded mill-finish framework.
  • Heavy-duty support arms.
  • Completely aluminum; will never rust.
  • Reinforced center mullions on all sizes.
  • Built-in front rain gutter.
  • Two-coat baked-on finish for lasting performance.
  • Available in many custom sizes and beautiful colors.
  • Ships with all hardware for a quick and easy installation.

How to select your 2500A Series door canopy

Projection and drop are approximate and may be changed by adjusting where the support arms attach to the wall.
1) If mounting over an out-swinging door, please check the table below to make sure that you have enough space above your door.
Canopy projectionSpace needed over a 36" wide door
Up to 36"7"
42" and over4"
2) Choose width
  • Measure the width of your door, including casing. Add 3 or more on each side for proper appearance (please be sure that light fixtures are not in the way).
  • Please contact us if you need a more customized width. Custom widths up to 180" are available in increments of 1".
3) Choose projection
4) Select the main color and stripe color that best complement your home.
  • If no stripe color is chosen, your canopy will be in a solid color.
  • The underside of the canopy and the support arms are always white.
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