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Customer Comments

First, the product was shipped quickly. I actually received the awnings much quicker than I expected so had plenty of time to put them together prior to the actual installation. I found the assembly to be not too difficult considering the fact that I'm the guy who never reads instructions! I did put the first one together incorrectly and I can assure you that I learned quickly.

By the time I put my fourth awning together I was flying! I was amazed at not only how light the awnings were but how solid and strong they were. I thought the design ingenious. My good friend, a General Contractor with over 45 years experience helped me actually install the awnings. He could not believe the quality of the awnings for the price I paid. I finally showed him the receipt to prove I wasn't pulling his leg. These awnings were at least 60% less expensive than what the local awning company could offer and much more attractive.

The economy awnings from the local companies looked the part, cheap and flimsy. Your awnings blew the competition away! Installation was easy. I'm sure we didn't spend more than a few minutes on each installation.

The awnings have been in place for several months now and look brand new. They provided immediate benefit from the shade they produced during the hot summer. Esthetically they added a very nice accent to the house we installed them on. Overall I am very pleased and would use no other company for any awning needs in the future.

J.G., California

The two awnings arrived in perfect condition. After reading the directions, I decided to assemble the complete awnings in my garage. I first pre-drilled holes, using the mounting rail, where we wanted the awnings. Then completed the assembly.

With my wife holding one end up, and me the other, I bolted the awnings to the house. They look beautiful, are of excellent quality, and provide the shade, for the inside rooms, that we wanted. The awnings were reasonable priced. Excellent quality for the price. I recommend these awnings.

R.B., California

I am pleased to say that the awning I received was easy to install and took no more than an hour to put up. I live in the Colorado mountains and wondered how the awning would hold up to ice and snow falling off the roof above. I am pleased to share with you that the awning has taken many direct hits by falling icicles, some several feet in length and has yet to suffer even a small dent. If the need to purchase any further awnings is in my future I will be sure to once again order from your fine company.

M.W., Colorado

We have had very high winds due to tornado watches and warnings this spring. The awnings have taken hail, torrential rain and wind and look brand new. Needless to say very pleased with the quality and strength of them.

D.D., Tennessee

My contractor spoke with one of your representatives who was very helping in answering his questions. I am very satisfied and the "look" of the awning is pleasing and not obtrusive. I recommend it and have no criticisms. It is an excellent value for the price.

S.G., Virginia

It was a pleasure working with general awnings. The website was easy, delivery was on time and the installation was a breeze. I have already recommended general awning to all my friends.

S.P., California

I was very pleased with our awning. At first I was intimidated to set it up but when my husband decided to help me we went through the instructions methodically and were very surprised that between the two of us we figured it out pretty simply. Didn't take long. Since it has been up we are thrilled with the protection from the sun/wind/rain. I would highly recommend this awning and plan to put up more next year.

K.D., Colorado

I would like you to know that the Awnings we purchased were exactly what we needed. We purchased seven awnings to cover our air conditioner units in our dorm housing here at Seashore United Methodist Assembly in Biloxi, MS. Before the installation, every time it rained we were having problems with water getting in the building. We have had them several months now, and since we have installed the awnings we have not had one problem!!

M.H., Mississippi

We didn't get the awning installed until July and on August 9th we had a severe hail storm that did a lot of damage to our small town of 2,000 people. The awning withheld the baseball size hail very well with only a few "dings" which our insurance company said they would replace, but we chose not to. We received a new roof, siding to the south side of the house, new roof to our two story garage and also siding. We felt very lucky the awning held up so well. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

H.M., Indiana

The quality was just fine and pretty much as I expected. As for installation, in my case, being told that assembly could be done on the ground and not just in place would have made our project significantly easier. We didn't sense that and the installation on a second story window, with the siding I have, was a bit more than we expected.

But we did get it done, albeit with some difficulty that could have been avoided with a ground assembly and subsequent installation in place. Other than that, it has worked fine and solved the problem I had with my southern exposure. Consider me a satisfied customer.

J.C., Kentucky

Economy Window Awning

Base price: $149.00

  • All-aluminum; will not peel, chip, crack or rust.
  • Pan-and-cover construction.
  • Patented one-piece flashing strip.
  • Patented runner clip and notch.
  • .025 gauge roof and louvers, .040 gauge under structure.
  • Tested for a snow load of 54.5 lbs per square foot, one of the highest in the industry.
  • Includes mounting rail, louver sections, runner(s), flashing, top pans, bottom pans.
  • Year-round protection from snow, sleet, rain and sun.

How to select your Economy Window Awning

  • Measure the width of your window, including trim, and add at least 3" on both sides of the window.
  • Select one of the 3 sizes on the right.
  • Drop is the height of the awning, including the 8"-high front valance.
  • Make sure there is a clearance of at least 4" above the window to mount the awning.
  • Projection is the distance the awning projects from the wall.
  • These awnings are available only in white color.
  • A matching stock door canopy is available [here].
  • A customizable awning, based on this model, is available [here]
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