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Customer Comments

I would like to thank you and your company for such a wonderful product. As you will see in the picture we used two PC1500 canopies for a little different solution. We installed them over our rear patio/barbeque area which protected rain from entering but allowed air to pass through over the glass we had installed.

Installation was easy, the quality was exceptional and it afforded us the best solution for our needs. As a matter of fact, we are building a shed in our back yard this summer and plan to purchase and install two more to protect a pair of out swinging French doors.

The one piece of advice I would offer with respect to the directions: It should be made more clear to peel back the plastic protective coating prior to inserting the panels into the brackets and trim pieces. The plastic won't come out after this process.

C.Z., Washington

Just wanted you to know that the general contractor who installed my door awning was so impressed they asked for your web site and contact information.

It looks incredible and is all I wanted and more - thank you!!

P.P., California

The Canopy we purchased solved a problem for us and I was very glad to find it. The plastic had some visual imperfections but we decided to go with it. The gutter made it perfect for keeping water off the door without dumping it on those who are approaching. I would have liked to have a brown tone on the supports with a clear panel. That did not seem to be an option.

G.A., California

We love our new awning! Perfect over our back door without covering the whole porch. Installation was easy (it takes two people) and the lightweight unit fits like a glove. On a scale of 1-5 it gets a 5 all the way!

T.J., New York

The awning we chose is perfect - better than it looks in the catalog! having been through two snow storms and many rains, it is holding up fine and keeping us dry. Installation was a snap.

S.C., New York

So far, so good. The awning looks fine, not obtrusive, and seems to be weathering winter weather well so far. We'll see by spring.

M.T., Iowa

The few questions I had were promptly answered. After I FINALLY got off my rear end and got this one installed, it's perfect. Install is easy, product is substantial... had to slice off a small strip to fit my space, cuts easily with my bandsaw. Aluminum parts also cut easily with wood blade on bandsaw. Small strip of poly was so strong I could literally tie it in a knot w/o it breaking... impressive stuff. This is the 3rd awning from you guys that I have added to my back, south exposed, tall wall... they are a great addition. Good people to deal with, good value. PS...if anyone has a need for mounting away from stud...rather than a toggle bolt, try a "Snap Toggle"...inpressive, and you can take bolt out w/o toggle dropping...try them...

E.V., Washington

We are very please with our purchase and have had numerous compliments on the new awning – very easy to install – thinking about another for our home.

P.B., New York

This product is great! From the appearance to the function, I love everything about it and it has given the entrance to my business a truly unique look different from what anyone in my town has.

J.L., West Virginia

Great product; cost effective, fast delivery, lightweight, aesthetically attractive, easy to install... what more could your possibly ask for?

M.M., Georgia

PC1500 Series Door Canopy with Rain Channel

Base price: $289.00

The elegant PC1500 Series Door Canopy will provide years of maintenance-free protection for your entries, porches or windows, and features an aluminum rainwater drain channel on the front.

  • Weatherproof
  • Solid polycarbonate sheet with UV-protective surface
  • Reinforced polymer composite brackets
  • Aluminum front and back bars with clear anodized finish
  • Rubber seals to prevent leakage from awning connections
  • Designed to withstand high winds
  • Surface reduces noise from rain and hail
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Convenient design allows rain to clean its top
  • Several canopies may be connected to create one longer canopy
  • All hardware is included for a fast and easy assembly and installation

How to order your PC1500 Series Door Canopy

1) Select your preferred size: Width x Projection x Drop
  • Width is measured at the outside of the brackets.
  • Multiple canopies can be connected to create larger widths. Please contact us if you need a larger width.
  • The bracket base at the wall is 8-3/4" high x 1-3/4" wide.
  • If your door opens out, please make sure you have at least 14.5" above your door so that it does not hit the canopy when opened.
Canopy sizeBrackets included
49.5"W x 36"P x 14.5"D2
61"W x 36"P x 14.5"D2
81"W x 36"P x 14.5"D3
97"W x 36"P x 14.5"D3
120"W x 36"P x 14.5"D3
144.5"W x 36"P x 14.5"D4
160"W x 36"P x 14.5"D5
179"W x 36"P x 14.5"D4
2) Select your PC sheet color and bracket color.
  • The front rain channel and back aluminum bar are always silver colored.
Total price
Width x Projection x Drop
PC Sheet Color
Bracket Color
This product configuration is currently out of stock
Please select a size before adding to cart
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