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Customer Comments

Last fall, we purchased a "pan type" awning for over our back door. Our hope was that it would keep the rain and snow from coming in the doorway and that it would provide a bit of shelter. Since we live in Minnesota, we were a bit reluctant because our weather is so severe and the wind, rain and snow can be extreme.

We have been far more than satisfied....we are delighted. In fact, we so love the look of the awning that we put in a fence along the patio to match it! It functions exactly as we had hoped and my husband found it to be very easy to install. He commented that the instructions were very thorough and easy to understand since there were illustrations.

The employees at General Awnings were very professional as well as helpful and knowledgeable. We would have no reservations in recommending this company to our friends and family. It was a GREAT buy!

K.P., Minnesota

I found that the quality of your product was, what I use on determining material quality, was an 8 out of 10, installation ease was also an 8 out of 10. The only challenge that I encountered was that next time I would assemble the awnings on the job site instead of assembling them at my construction shop and then taking them to the job site and making sure the day of assembling them is not a windy day. Otherwise the product overall is good.

D.H., Missouri

I would be happy to recommend General Awnings to anyone who is looking for aluminum awnings. I purchased 2 awnings, one of which I had to customize to fit around a chimney, it was 110" long with a 42" projection; and a simple awning for over my front door which is 75" long with a 42" projection.

The customized unit was the first awning I did and it took me about 6 hours to complete. I had to cut and attach the framing members to the chimney and fit the awning pans around the chimney. It was certainly not what I would call a normal installation, once I got past all of the layout and cutting, I found the installation to be rather easy. The second awning was a simple installation over my front door. The awning is attached to a masonry wall which I used masonry anchors for attachment in lieu of the normal hardware, this awning only took about 3 1/2 hours to complete.

In all, I found the installation to be easy, once you get the hang of it. I am very pleased with the look and finish of the awnings and would highly recommend General Awnings products.

R.B., Pennsylvania

We are very pleased with the look and functionality of the awning. I was able to install the unit myself over a 3 day period. The only time I needed assistance was putting up the initial frame (my son helped hold the frame while I attached it to the house). During the winter blizzard of February 2013, over 2 feet of snow accumulated on the awning. It handled the weight with no discernable problems. My wife particularly likes the protection it gives when raining. We have a 42 inch projection which completely covers the decking. Thanks for a nice product.

C.R., Connecticut

We LOVE the awning! It was easy to assemble and hang. Really like the color choices that were available. The sketch that was online along with the picture was helpful for measuring the correct size and what it would look like once installed. There are not many companies that make the type of awning we wanted so I was really glad I found you online. Very happy with the purchase!

T.P., Colorado

First let me say that I have never before installed a metal multi-piece awning, so the multiplicity of parts and minimal, and often vague instructions and photos made the installation process difficult initially. I worked with a neighbor to attach the frame to my house and together we worked through a bit of trial and error to get started on the assembly process. After a couple hours, we were able to start attaching the actual awning parts. Once we got the hang of installing a few sections, the instructions started to make sense and we assembled parts section by section. In time the process went fairly smoothly to completion.

The awning has been installed for nearly 3 months on our house and works perfectly at deflecting rain off the plant window over which it was installed. This was our intent and hope. It does the job perfectly without blocking much light that is desirable for plants in the window below. The awning is a classic design that my wife and I are very satisfied with and we are delighted that this model was available through General Thanks for making such a nice variety of products available for customers. Our local stores/outlets did not offer much selection at all. Your company really fills the void for families and buyers looking for a broad selection of awning styles and fair pricing. Thank you for your quality service...... but please do consider a video option to assure customers do install awnings properly for structural safety, beauty and longevity.

B.D., Washington

The awnings were used over two entry doors on the side of our house and were chosen to coordinate with window awnings on the front of the house that were purchase years ago from a company that is no longer in business. While not a "perfect" match, they are close enough. They were easily assembled and installed by our son, a professional builder. We could have done the job ourselves as we did the front ones except that we are in our seventies and eighties now and don't do ladders. We wanted something to protect us from rain while we unlocked doors and opened and closed umbrellas. Not only do they do the job perfectly, but we feel they add to the aesthetics on the side of the house.

We are more than satisfied with the quality and price and would recommend them to anyone. We are even thinking about adding more in other areas.

M.K., Georgia

I am very pleased with this awning. It is strong, having dealt with Western South Dakota weather from February until October without leaking, breaking, or sagging. We had our usual March snows that were no problem for the awning. The snow just slid off the metal.

I love having it outside my door so I do not get wet opening the door. It is attractive, adding the the house. My sons assembled it and attached it without any problems and all the parts were there. I would recommend your company for product quality and service.

A.R., South Dakota

Delivery was quick, replacement for bent mounting strip was extremely fast, relatively easy to install and WOW what a difference it makes on the temperature of our sun room now. Hubby wishes we had thought of this earlier. Customer service was absolutely terrific. If anyone asks where we got our awning will be highly praised and recommended.

L.D., Kentucky

I am very pleased with the 48" awning I purchased. This 73 year old lady had no trouble putting it together after reading the directions a couple times, but needed some help from my grandson to attach it to the wall. I would recommend your company.

J.K., Washington

AC1000 Pan Type Window and Door Awning

Base price: $389.00

An attractive, custom made barrier from the summer sun, winter snow and sleet. This custom line of window and door awnings will keep the temperature down, save energy, lower your cooling energy bills and save your drapes, carpets and furniture from fading. On top of which, years will be added to the life of your doors, windows and porches, all while enhancing the exterior of your home.

  • All-aluminum. Will not peel, chip, crack or rust. Low or no maintenance ever.
  • .025 gauge roof and louvers and .040 gauge understructure made of the finest tempered aluminum and offer aluminum's reflective advantages and light weight with high snow load bearing strength.
  • Custom sizes are available to fit any situation including mitered (round) corners.
  • Patented one piece flashing strip prevents leaks and locks top louvers so there's no need for a cap piece.
  • Patented runner clip and notch locks top and bottom pans and runner into one complete unit.
  • Available in 13 colors to match any color scheme on your house.
  • Stripes are available in any combination of 13 colors.
  • Paint finish is electrostatically applied and baked on.
  • Decorative scroll columns or posts are available to provide solid support when required.
  • Matching patio covers are available to keep a consistent look around the house.
  • Ships with all hardware for an easy assembly and installation. Installer is responsible for using appropriate wall anchors.
  • 54 lbs/sq. ft. snow load capacity is one of the highest in the industry.
Choose your color here
A matching economy door canopy is available:
AC500 Economy Door Canopy
A matching economy window awning is available:
AC500 Economy Window Awning

How to order your AC1000 awning

1) Measure your door, window or the area to be covered
  • Please make sure there is at least 3" of space available above the door or window and add at least 3" on either side of the door or window.
  • More space is required above out-swinging doors.
2) Choose width
  • Choose the awning width from the drop-down menu.
  • Widths over 72" and up to 144" include 1 middle support. Widths over 144" include 2 or more middle supports.
  • Any width is available. If the width that you need is not listed, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
3) Choose projection
  • Projection is the distance the awning projects out from the house. It is offered in 6" increments.
  • Note that projections over 42" require front support posts or columns.
  • Greater projections are available. Please contact us if you need a larger projection.
4) Choose drop
  • Drop is the height of the awning, including the 8"-high front valance.
  • As a rule of thumb, an awning should cover about 1/2 of the window height, more on the east and west sides and less on the south side.
  • Drop has no effect on price.
5) Choose awning color
  • AC1000 style awnings are offered in 13 colors.
  • Stripes are available in any combination of the 13 colors. Please contact us if you would like stripes.
  • The underside of the awning is always white for better light reflection.
Choose your color here
6) Optional: If the awning projection is over 42", and unless you will be using your own supports, select the number of 1.5" square, 8 ft high front supports.
Awning widthSupports required
Up to 77.5"2
Over 77.5" and up to 203.5"3
Over 203.5" and up to 275.5"4
Over 275.5" and up to 347.5"5
7) Optional: Other styles of front supports, as well as 10 ft and 12 ft high supports are available. Please contact us if you would like to order a different style or height of front supports.
Look at support choices here
8) Optional: Choose support color: white or black.
Total price
Awning Color
Front Support Color
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