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Customer Comments

Excellent product, I needed a front door awning for my new house in Vermont. Contractors wanted $2500 to install a wood awning. I was able to install one of your awnings myself and save big bucks!

It went up easy, looks great, and works like a charm! I will buy another two this year, one more for my back door, and one for my daughters house. Great product, so glad I found you.

R.P., Vermont

I want to pass on our extreme satisfaction with your product. Installation was fairly simple, the canopy adds a decorative look to that facade of the house, provides a small shade area, and a covered area from weather conditions while entering the house. Definitely a satisfied customer! Thank you!!!

J.B., Missouri

I was very pleased with the service and the quick delivery. The directions were very easy to follow, and it was installed with little trouble and looks great on our house. I will gladly recommend your product.

T.K., Texas

Very satisfied with awnings but was hard to compress bar to attach clips.

P.I., Texas

Several months ago I bought 3 of your over the door awnings to be used on the West side of our home here in Ventura, Ca. They were put up due to our very warm afternoons here in Southern California during late summer months and into Sept and Oct. If I had known there was this wonderful product out there, I would have bought them many years ago. They proved to be exactly what was needed and my contractor was amazed at how well they were built and how easy they were to install. Best of all, the awnings were built here in the U.S. You have a great company.

M.W., California

We were satisfied with the purchase. The awning has survived the winter so far and all the snow we have had. Prior to this awning, I had a wooden roof that was added after that room was built because it was such a low overhang that I did not think I could obtain an existing roof to fit and still have the door open. The old roof leaked at the kitchen roof cut in and over the years it rotted the door jamb and roof.

I looked around and could not find a roof to buy that I thought would fit the space and be able to open the door. I finally found your company and started to look at the well written information on the net. It looked like it would work so I sketched up my plan and sent it to your designer. He answered my questions and made several additional suggestions on making it wider and longer. I called him on the phone to discuss and finalized it. I bought per his suggestions and I was then glad I did. With help from my wife, it installed as your instructions were written and we are well pleased. The door opens well, and it covers the area we needed.

The awning came with only a small crease in one of the top pieces but not damaged enough to return and its on the top any how. I installed it under the gutter and that did work out well.

Yes I would buy again. Yes I would recommend your company. Yes we are satisfied.

R.R., Pennsylvania

Great quality product for the price. Simple instructions and easy installation. This is my first time assembling and installing an awning which took approximately three hours. The only help I needed was for my wife to hold one end of the awning while I attached it to the house. We are extremely happy and would recommend General Awnings to all our friends.

J.L., Virginia

I had a great experience ordering from Here is my story.

On June 29, 2012, the Northern Virginia area experienced a derecho - straight line winds that pack a punch. As a result, a tree branch took down the awning over the side door of my house. The awning had been an aluminum frame and corrugated plastic model that was flimsy from day one. I had purchased it from Sears online and had been disappointed in the sturdiness and assembly/mounting process. It relied on the corrugated plastic panels for rigidity, and had to be put up fully assembled. Even though it wasn't very large, this made it difficult to attach to the house.

My side door has a concrete stoop that sits at the top of some stairs leading to my carport. The previous awning only covered the stoop partially, and didn't cover any of the stairs. Since I had to replace the awning, I wanted to find one that would be large enough to cover the stoop fully as well as the stairs. I knew it wouldn't completely prevent water or snow from getting on the stairs and carport, but I wanted to do the best I could to prevent it. I also wanted something sturdier than the plastic and aluminum I had before.

Enter I found their website through an online search and started looking at the various models. I was impressed that they offered awnings for doors AND they had variable sizes. I was able to size one that would extend just beyond the stoop and be wide enough to cover the stoop and stairs. I placed the order online and only a few weeks later two boxes arrived at my door. At this point I wondered what I had gotten myself into because the boxes weren't that large or heavy and definitely not awning shaped. I knew assembly would be required though, so I opened the boxes and hoped the instructions would be easy to follow.

To my delight, the parts were all there, and the instructions were written in clear English with some diagrams that were easy to read and understand. So, I began putting the awning together. Everything fit together well, lining up with predrilled holes or snapping together. The awning quickly took shape.

I left half the roof slats off so that I could access the attachment holes in the middle of the rail once it was on the house. I had a friend help me with mounting, but for its size and shape it was much easier to maneuver than the old, smaller awning had been. We got it mounted on the house and secured the attachment rail all along its length in no time at all. Then we snapped on the remaining roof slats.

The awning has been GREAT! I can walk up the stairs when it is raining and not get wet - even during Hurricane Sandy. It is definitely sturdy. While we haven't had any snow yet this winter, I am confident that it will hold up - something I couldn't say about my last awning. The awning is attractive, functional, and easy to assemble and install. I would recommend to anyone looking for high quality awnings for their home.

C.S., Virginia

The awning looks very nice in place. I put it over my front door because I had nothing there to protect the door from the elements. The only thing I would change is the actual size of the awning. I wish I order a larger one. I had measured it and thought it was large enough. The width is fine but the distance off the house should be longer. Over all I'm very pleased with it. It was a quick install. Will most likely order another one for my back door.

J.N., Massachusetts

Great value. Installation went fine with only myself doing it. Plus, they're holding up fine and doing the job I wanted, a little shade and little or no rain entering and leaving.

J.G., Florida

Brookside Door Awning with Flat Side Panels

Base price: $363.00

The Brookside aluminum door awning has an elegant and versatile design that will protect your doors from the rain, snow and sun, and provide a welcome cover for residents and visitors. Its durable aluminum construction will withstand the elements and does not require any maintenance.

  • All-aluminum construction for a lasting finish that will never rust, peel or crack.
  • Projections up to 50" do not require support posts.
  • Available in 7 glossy and 5 matte finish colors.
  • The gaps between the side panel slats allow wind to pass through, helping to make the awning sturdier under high-wind conditions.
  • The underside of the awning is always white for better light reflection.
  • Widths are available in 1" increments.
  • Hardware is included for an easy do-it-yourself assembly. Appropriate wall anchors must be provided by installer.
Choose your color here

A matching window awning is available:
Brookside Window Awning with Flat Side Panels
Similar awnings with angled side panels are available:
Brookside Door Awning with Angled Side Panels
Brookside Window Awning with Angled Side Panels

How to select your Brookside Door Awning

1) Measure the width or your door, including door trim.
2) The awning width should be at least 4" larger than the width of the door.
3) If your door opens out, refer to the table below to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of space above the door.
ProjectionDropSpace needed over a 36" wide door
Note: At least 2" of mounting space is required over door.
4) Select your desired awning Width x Projection x Drop from the drop-down menu.
  • Call us if you need a custom or larger width.
  • Widths are available in 1" increments and may be made as large as needed. Avoid widths ending in 1 or 6, such as 51" or 86".
  • Widths 97" and greater have a center support arm.
5) Select your desired color.
  • Note that the underside of the awning is always white.
  • Call us if you would like to order stripes in a different color.
Choose your color here
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