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Imperial Marquee Awning with Lattice Tubes

Base price: $1,670.00

This stylish aluminum awning is popular for commercial and multifamily residential properties, but can be used for single family homes as well. Its overhead brace design allows it to be used where vertical support posts are not suitable.

  • Heavy gauge extruded aluminum gutter/fascia around the entire perimeter.
  • Structural 1.5" square lattice tubes spaced 4.5" on center (spacing adjustable upon request).
  • Powder coated overhead steel braces.
  • Extruded aluminum 6" tall fascia.
  • Optional fabric valance with available lettering.
  • Optional downspout kit.
  • Shop drawings and engineer sealed drawings and calculations are available.
Choose your colors here

How to order your Imperial Marquee Awning

1) Select your desired length along the building from the drop-down menu.
  • Custom and larger lengths are available. The awning length can be customized to the inch.
  • Please contact us to order a custom or larger length.
2) Select your desired projection from the wall from the drop-down menu.
  • Projection can be customized to the inch, and projections up to 96" are available.
3) Select your lattice tube color.
4) Select your gutter and brace color.
Choose your colors here
Custom colors are available for an additional charge.
5) Optional: Order additional overhead braces if desired.
  • The price shown includes the minimum number of braces required for a 20 lb/sf snow load and 115 mph wind load.
  • With additional braces, the snow and wind load capacities may be increased as necessary, according to your project requirements. Please contact us if you would like to order additional braces.
Awning projectionOverhead brace price
6) Optional: Order a 10'-long 3" round commercial grade downspout kit, if desired, by selecting a downspout kit color. Longer downspouts are available.
7) Optional: Unsealed shop drawings are available for $359 per order. Engineer sealed calculations, including shop drawings, are available for $929 (additional sizes: $429).
8) Optional: The awning normally comes with a 6" tall gutter. An 8" tall gutter is available for a 10% upcharge. A 12" tall gutter is available for a 25% upcharge.
9) Optional: A fabric valance that fits into the gutter groove is available.
10) Optional: Round, square or diamond-shaped 6"-wide, 1/4"-thick wall plates are available in the same color as the Gutter and Braces for $110 each. Custom wall plates are available for $158 each.
Total price
Lattice Tube Color
Gutter & Brace Color
Optional Downspout Kit Color
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