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Customer Comments

Got my order a couple of days ago and just installed it! It is great. Just what I wanted and looks terrific. Very easy installation, well constructed, good directions, shipped and delivered just like you quoted. Best of all your over the phone suggestions about sizing and fit were right on the money. You made a recommendation regarding my measurements and you were absolutely right!! Thanks.

D.V., California

I've had the Panorama Window Awnings on my upstairs windows now for 28 years... yes, 28 years. We are just now repainting them for the first time. They Look like new considering, except for the loss of the bottom slat on each awning, they've been through so many storms, hurricanes w/ 145mph winds and our Florida "SUN". Getting them was one of the best decisions we made when we built our home. They were well worth the investment and I recommend others to consider them for their homes. I just thought I'd share this with you.

J.G., Florida

Many, many years ago I purchased an awning for the front of my home (8-feet wide) from the Sears Catalog, which no longer exists. I later installed two windows which were also on the front of the house. I searched for years to find one that matched the one I got from Sears.

Recently, while searching again for aluminum awnings, I found General Awnings. I looked through their designs and there it was -- the exact same style as the one I had gotten years ago. I ordered two 4-foot wide ones and installed them. They assembled in the same manner as my older one and was just as easy to hang.

The individual slats allow hot air to pass through and not build up underneath by the window. The support rails were a little longer than I desired, but were easily shortened with my multi-tool. I have received many compliments as to their nice appearance.

A.P., New Jersey

You are selling a quality product. I was pleased when I opened the boxes, and saw the high quality of the material. The installation was very easy. The instructions were clear. I was able to install the awnings with no help. The installation took me approximately 4 hours, because I had to make several modifications, and required a trip to the hardware store and some woodworking.

I modified the connection where the adjusting arms connect to the awning by installing a clevis pin to make for easier adjusting. One of the awnings had to be mounted on a piece of wood that I mounted on my siding because I was unable to locate a header or stud under the siding. The awnings look great and they really have cooled down the two rooms, by blocking the afternoon sunlight.

S.F., California

I love the awnings! It took our handyman just a couple of hours to put them up, and they look great. They are on west facing windows which have no protection from the afternoon sun, so they have done wonders keeping my home much cooler. I was concerned about their stability because we have heavy west winds, especially all spring, but the shades are steady as a rock. Highly recommended. Thank you!

V.H., New Mexico

Panorama Window Awning

Base price: $391.00

The Panorama is the only awning design that allows you to see out of the window, while providing all the protection and energy saving benefits of other fixed window awnings. The horizontal slotted design also reduces the loss of beneficial heat gain from the sun during winter months.

  • All-aluminum with baked-on enamel finish.
  • No maintenance required.
  • 10 colors available for the bottom panel.
  • Awning slope is adjustable.
  • The awning can be folded down if necessary and is easy to remove and reinstall.
  • Hardware is included for an easy do-it-yourself assembly. Appropriate wall anchors must be provided by installer.
Other versions of this awning also available:
Panorama Window Awning - Custom Colors
Cascade Door Awning

How to order your Panorama Window Awning

1) Select the awning width from the drop-down menu.
  • The awning width is measured at the outside edges of the awning slats.
  • The position of the support arms along the awning width is adjustable.
  • The support arms may be attached to the window trim or wall. We recommend selecting an awning width that is 4" to 8" larger than the width between the support arm centers.
  • Width can be customized to the inch, and larger widths are available.
  • Please contact us if you need a custom width.
  • Note the number of support arms provided with the awning in the table below. The support arms provided are required for installation.
Awning widthNumber of support arms
30" – 83"2
84" – 120"4
126" – 144"5
2) Select the awning height from the drop-down menu.
  • Window awning height is typically about one half of the window height.
  • Height is approximate and depends on the awning slope, which is adjustable.
  • The awning projection approximately equals the awning height.
3) The awning color is white. Panorama awnings in other colors are available here.
4) Select a different color for the bottom panel if desired.
Choose your bottom panel color here
Total price
Bottom Panel Color
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