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Customer Comments

Ordered one set of PC1200 Door Canopy; we were so happy with it, that we ordered 3 more sets for other doors.

Doing business with the company was a pleasure. All awnings arrived in good condition, in timely fashion; all were installed on concrete walls embedded with tiny seashells, with no problems (used screws for concrete rather than those supplied).

Our last house had aluminum awnings (which the ocean air tends to corrode the finish, and we had to re-paint) over all the windows and doors. On this house we decided to go with awnings with a more sleek look. Love the tinted bronze color: cuts down on sun glare a little, while still be able to see through it. The awnings offer protection from rain while helping to prevent rotting out the lower portion of the doors. All have been through blazing summer sun, and winter sleet and snow. Don't know what the life expectancy of the material of these awnings are, but so far they still look new and are holding up well. Don't anticipate any problems cleaning them from the pine pollen in the spring. Quality appears to be very good. For us they have been a good investment, and look great on the house. :-)) We're happy campers. :-)))

K.V., South Carolina

We love our new awning from General Awnings. We love the fact that it is transparent and has a high tech look at an amazing price. We have installed it on a second floor apartment for our tenants, and they love the fact that it doesn't darken the doorway or block the light coming in from their transom, but can protect them from the elements.

Like any other do-it-yourself assembly, it was a little harder than initially seemed it would be to put it together. To get the edging over the rubber tubing involved using a mallet, which was not mentioned in the directions. On the second edge, we put some lubricant on the rubber tubing, which made it so much easier to fit the edging over the tubing. :).

The next challenge was installing it. It is probably a three person job, but my husband and I did it as a 1.5 person job. Standing on a ladder on a second floor deck while holding up one side of the awning didn't work for me, so I helped where I could from the ground. Ideally you would have two people on ladders on each side and a person on the ground assisting. That would have made it all go faster.

Despite those issues, we would and probably will buy another one for another door, and I think my mom wants to now buy one as well.

S.F., Ohio

We chose the clear awning because we have a small dog who refused (note "refused") to use the dog door when it rained. Hence the need to cover the dog door but there is a window to a guest room that would have been totally dark with a conventional awning. Hence our search for a "clear" awning which would allow natural light to pass through.

This awning turned out to be the BEST purchase we have made! We found the instructions easy to follow. The assembly took no time at all. We get a lot of wind where we live and we are happy to say it has proven to be solid and wind resistant. We would and DO recommend this awning to everyone! Thank you for making a product that is every bit the same as pictured on your site!

L.F., California

We could not be more thrilled with our awning. It really did give our front door just the right look. I could not wait for it to rain so I could stand under it with my morning coffee :)

S.M., Georgia

I am beyond satisfied with my purchase of the awning. I bought this to protect a south facing garage door from the sun beating down on the door in the summer but more importantly to protect the door from rain. Before installing this beautiful awning, rain would hit the door & leak into my garage floor every time it rained. Both of these concerns are now completely gone. After 16 years that I've owned my home, and mopping up the rain water on my garage floor, my problem has been solved. I am extremely pleased with the 1st rate quality of the awning. And it is exactly what I wanted. I would not hesitate to refer this company to anyone, because my experience with the company & their product was awesome.

P.C., California

I ordered canopy (PC1200, 72"W/46"P/16"D) from you and have installed to my front door Feb 01, 2018.

My feedback to you about your product is below:

I am the first home owner in our community who uses your product. Some of my neighbors who have seen our new canopy expressed their interest in your canopy, mostly would try to have one for themselves. Also the handyman who installed it for us also want to order one for himself, and recommend to his future customers. I gave them your contact informations. You see, I am advetizing for you!

Q.T., Maryland

I'm really happy with product. I was missing a part, and you responded quickly, which meant more than anything. It's pretty easy to send a product and forget it. You all went above and beyond no questions asked.

B.T., Washington

Just a note to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality, look, and ease of construction with the PC1200 Series Door Canopy. It was exactly what I was looking for.

The only caveat is that I installed it above a door whose side of the house has clapboard vinyl siding (over traditional wood siding). The result was that the canopy could not fit exactly flush with the siding and leaked slightly. After a thorough additional caulking, it seems to be working fine. The only other thing is that I live in a wooded area and leaves, pollen, etc. tend to collect on it somewhat, so I have to clean it more often. No big deal.

R.V., New York

I'm very pleased with this polycarbonate awning. Its seen some high winds and hail with no damage. It keeps the sun from baking my door and keeps the snow off. Very light and easy to install. I'd like see you offer some larger sizes of this model.

R.M., Montana

We love our awning! Our handyman neighbor installed ours in under an hour, he felt like the bolts were more heavy duty than necessary for the product but we live four blocks from the ocean and have heavy windstorms, so better to be safe. Our porch and awning are right on the sidewalk and we receive compliments about the product constantly. We have a small house and this product was the perfect fit. We’ve had rain since the install and no leakage whatsoever, and a couple of strong windstorms too with zero issues. Provides the perfect about of shade during the summer too. Can’t say enough good things about this product, so very happy we found you!

B.F., California

PC1200 Series Door Canopy

Base price: $139.00

The elegant PC1200 Series Door Canopy is made of durable polycarbonate and polymer composite materials. It will provide years of maintenance-free protection for your entries, porches or windows.

  • Elegant modern design
  • Weatherproof
  • Solid polycarbonate sheet with UV-protective surface
  • Reinforced polymer composite brackets
  • Aluminum front and back bars with clear anodized finish
  • Rubber seals to prevent leakage from awning connections
  • Designed to withstand high winds
  • Surface reduces noise from rain and hail
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Several canopies may be connected to create one longer canopy
  • Convenient design allows rain to clean the canopy's top
  • All hardware is included for a fast and easy assembly and installation
This awning is also available with aluminum brackets:
PC1200AL Series Door Canopy with Aluminum Brackets

How to order your PC1200 Series Door Canopy

1) Select your awning dimensions
  • The width is measured at the outside of the brackets.
  • The bracket height at the wall is as follows: 9.25" for Projection 29", 11" for Projection 37.5", 11" for Projection 46".
  • If your door opens out, please make sure you have enough space above your door so that it does not hit the canopy when opened.
  • Multiple canopies can be connected to create larger widths. Please contact us if you need a larger width.
Canopy sizeSpace required above 36" wide door if door opens outBrackets included
45.5"W x 29"P x 11"D12"2
46.5"W x 37.5"P x 12"D13"2
61"W x 29"P x 11"D12"2
89"W x 29"P x 11"D12"3
91"W x 37.5"P x 12"D13"3
120"W x 29"P x 11"D12"3
135.5"W x 37.5"P x 12"D13"4
Note: Widths 72" and larger include 1 or more brackets in the middle.
2) Select your polycarbonate sheet color
  • Clear (transparent)
  • Bronze Tint (transparent)
  • Dark Gray (transparent)
  • White (nontransparent)
  • The front and back aluminum bars are always silver colored.
3) Select your bracket color
Total price
Width x Projection x Drop
PC Sheet Color
Bracket Color
This product configuration is currently out of stock
Please select a size before adding to cart
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